Lud Foe No Hooks 2 Album Zip Download

Lud Foe No Hooks 2 Album Zip Download

Lud Foe No Hooks 2 Album Zip Download

Lud Foe No Hooks 2 Album Zip Download

Ever since dropping records like “187” in 2016 and “Cuttin Up” the year after, Lud Foe has become one of the hottest rappers coming out of Chicago’s West Side right now. He raps with an anger that’s purer than most you hear in hip-hop, and his beats, provided mostly by Kid Wond3r, have plenty of percussion and bounce to them.
Now, Lud Foe has dropped the sequel to No Hooks, his breakout 2016 mixtape. You can buy No Hooks 2 on iTunes now and stream it via Apple Music now.

Lud Foe No Hooks 2 Album Zip Download

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Also, the tape includes songs like “Recuperate,” a track Foe included on his last project #GetWellFoe, which he dropped just a couple weeks after getting into a near-fatal car accident. It also includes “Big Tymerz,” a song paying homage to Baby and Mannie’s classic flow.

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Kid Wonder produced most of the new tape, with DY of 808 Mafia and Just Spvnk also contributing a couple beats. CBMix, who mixed and mastered Chief Keef’s Thot Breaker and Lil Pump’s debut album, did the same here.
Lud Foe’s No Hooks 2

Download Lud Foe No Hooks 2 Album Zip Download


1. “Water” (prod. by Just Spvnk)
2. “Suffer” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
3. “Big Tymerz” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
4. “Boss” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
5. “Could’ve Bought” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
6. “Ewww” Feat. Cago Leek (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
7. “Fallin Out” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
8. “I Hang” (prod. by DY808)
9. “New” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)

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10. “Poof” (prod. by Just Spvnk)
11. “Look Up To” Feat. Stewie (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
12. “Side” (prod. by Just Spvnk)
13. “Recuperate” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
14. “Regular” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
15. “To the Money” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
16. “Real Big” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
17. “Using It” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
18. “Alphabet” (prod. by DY808)
19. “Where My Scale” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
20.” Wired” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)
21. “Duffle” (prod. by Kid Wond3r)

 Download Lud Foe – No Hooks 2 Mixtape Zip

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