Tyga – Bugatti Raww Album Download

Tyga – Bugatti Raww Album Download

Tyga Bugatti Raww Album Download

Tyga Bugatti Raww Album Download

Tyga Bugatti Raww Album Download

Tyga’s back with the new project “Bugatti Raww.”

As always, Tyga is working on a brand new album and we heard the first cut from it ‘Boss Up‘ a little earlier this month. But as a warm up, he’s now teamed up with DJ Smallz for a new EP or sorts called Bugatti Raww.

This is T-Raww’s second mixtape of the year following B*tch I’m The Sh*t 2 which dropped back in July. But unlike last time which featured A-list guests like Kanye West, Pusha T, Quavo & more, Tyga has put the most of the focus on himself this time. It features only two guest appearances from A.E. and 24 Hrs.

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meanwhile, Stream the 9 song project via Apple Music below. You can also visit his official YouTube page to catch all the songs.

Bugatti Raww Album Download Below

straightaway, majority of his lyrical content centers around rattling off the physical attributes of his current lady, such as this hilarious and slightly cringeworthy lyric on the second track “N***a With Money:” “My Becky in Atlanta ass like a Georgia peach, how that shit fit on a toilet seat?” Or what about “Forever On Fire,” which finds Tyga proudly proclaiming to be “rich and girl crazy,” and humble-bragging that the “pussy got his mind hazy.” Ultimately, both this and Bitch I’m The Shit 2 find Tyga fulled by  a winner’s spirit, reveling in the thrill of hedonism and inebriation. And while that can sometimes feel a little disingenuous, it’s hard to complain when the beats go hard and Tyga’s flow is so on point. tyga bugatti raww album

Whether or not you’re checking for T-Raww, Bugatti Raw is a nice early week release, especially if you’ve already played out all of last Friday’s drops. As for Tyga, it seems like he’s happy to be free of the Kardashian-Jenner media circus as he felt it was overshadowing his music; he even told Big Boy that “it’s just what people chose to put in the spotlight more than the music.”

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at the present time, Steam Bugatti Raww now.

 Tyga Bugatti Raww Album Download


1. Hello I’m Ballin Download
2. Nigga Wit Money Download
3. Nasty Nasty Download
4. Good or Bad f. æ Download
5. Mercedes Baby f. 24hrs Download
6. Sign Up Download
7. Forever On Fire Download
8. Lil Porsche Download
9. Stay in School Download

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Finally, above is tyga bugatti raww album

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